How To Expand Your Team Through Independent Contractors While Also Protecting Your Business

September 7, 2023

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Have you ever seen someone in the online space doing all the things and wondered how they’re able to keep their kids (or pets) alive while also releasing a new product every month, showing up consistently on social media AND taking on 6+ new clients each month?

Not to mention how they have a social life, spend time with their spouse, take themselves on weekly coffee dates, dress cute and just basically have it all together?

Yeah… same!

Until I realized this VERY important thing that isn’t talked about enough: they aren’t wearing all the hats.

They’re hiring people to wear very specific hats for them! 🧢

Now, hiring doesn’t necessarily mean hiring actual employees that are on payroll. In this instance, I’m referring to outsourcing – and yes, there’s a big difference.

You’ve probably heard the word “outsource” tossed around in the online business world a time or two, but if you haven’t started doing it yourself, this is your permission slip (and nudge) to DO IT already.

I’m a mom to four kiddos (we have our own little army over here 😅), dog mom to an overly-energetic boxer, multi-business owner and wife. 

That’s a lot of hats to wear in and of themselves and that hasn’t even scratched the surface of all the things that have to get done in my business. 

The ONLY way I get anything done (in both, life AND biz) is by asking for and accepting help.

By delegating tasks to other people and letting them do their thing (because they’ll do it better than I could anyway), I’ve been able to:

⭐️ live in my zone of genius

⭐️ create a work/life balance

⭐️ make an income that I’m proud of

⭐️ build businesses that were once a dream

⭐️ serve my clients to the greatest capacity

⭐️ AND elevate others along the way.

I want you to experience the same in your life and business, so this blog is all about how to expand your team through independent contractors while protecting your business along the way. 

You’ll first learn about a few areas to consider outsourcing in case you aren’t sure where to start and then I’ll point you to some of the nitty gritty legal details to make sure your outsourcing relationships are legit!

Where To Start With Outsourcing In Your Business

When I first started The Boutique Lawyer, I genuinely thought I could handle it all and honestly, the idea of letting other people get their hands in and on my business felt foreign.

I wanted things done a certain way and I *thought* that I was the only one that could do it.

But boy was I wrong. Without my incredible team, I probably wouldn’t still be in business if I’m keeping it real with you!

So if you’re ready to get some help and take something off your plate, so you can replace it with literally anything else that sounds better, I wholeheartedly support you.

But if the concept of outsourcing feels new or scary to you and you have no clue where to start, there’s a few areas I would recommend considering:

  • Social Media

As a business owner, you’re likely already marketing on social media, but you might find that it’s hard to keep up with it all on a daily or weekly basis.

From content creation, scheduling and planning a content calendar, actually posting what you create, engagement, answering DM’s and soooo much more, social media is a LOT!

If you don’t want to completely outsource your socials, you could consider finding someone to help with a specific piece of it that you don’t enjoy or don’t have as much time for. 

For example, I’ve personally found that having help with the creation and posting phase of the process is ideal and this still allows me to be the face of my stories and in the DM’s as much as I want!

(P.S. If you aren’t ready to fully outsource your social media, but you’re in search of a few resources to help you out, I highly recommend checking out Your Social Team and The Reels Report Membership!)

  • Additional Marketing Needs (blogs, emails, ads, video, podcast editing, etc.)

If there’s a task in your business that’s taking up a lot of your time and you really don’t enjoy it, I can almost promise you that there is someone out there who specializes in that very thing, especially when it comes to marketing in general!

If you’re not sure what to outsource first, I encourage you to create a list of everyyyyything you do in your business and from that list put a star next to what you love to do and want to keep doing.

Anything that doesn’t have a star next to it, start prioritizing what you want to outsource.

You can start small and increase as your business grows, but starting somewhere will give you the confidence to trust others in your business, move you into your zone of genius and allow your business to grow EVEN more!

One of the easiest ways to find contractors for outsourcing is by simply searching for them on Instagram or Google. If you’re looking for an email copywriter, use those keywords to start your search and you’ll often be surprised at how many people you find to choose from.

  • Admin Tasks (sending proposals, customer service, client management, etc.)

In the online business world, it’s very common for solopreneurs to first hire virtual assistants (VA’s) or online business managers (OBM).

Both of these roles are people who come into your business to handle some of the smaller, day-to-day details in your business so that you can focus on larger projects and tasks at hand. 

As a CEO, your time is much better spent working with clients and working on projects that will fuel the future of your business instead of filtering through email all day. 

Both, a VA or an OBM, can come in to keep you more organized and fully focused on what needs your ultimate attention!

How To Confidently Outsource While Also Also Protecting Your Business

Whenever and however you decide to outsource, I fully believe that you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and you will start to fall in love with your business again. 

But when you do, keep in mind that anytime you bring a third party into your business, you need to take some precautions.

There are always risks in business, especially when an exchange of money is involved, but you KNOW I’ve got you covered on that front, too. 

CLICK HERE for a full list of what to include in your independent contractor contracts, so that you can outsource with full confidence!

And if you’d rather skip straight to getting the contracts that you need for your business specifically, click here to grab the customizable agreement template that ensures both parties are on the same page about important terms, conditions and expectations by covering all of the essential aspects of the relationship!

For all other contract needs, you can browse The Boutique Lawyer contract shop here!

Here’s to living in your zone of genius, friend. 🥂

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