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We make the sometimes daunting legal world more approachable by providing growth-minded entrepreneurs with everything they need to protect their brand, profits, and life’s work.

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Turn your growing business into a legally protected brand with trademarks! We’ll help you from start to finish. 

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Hi, I’m Amber Gilormo!

I’m a trademark lawyer, serial entrepreneur extraordinaire, and millennial mom of 3 who’s fueled by decaf cinnamon oat milk espressos, but you’re not here for my coffee order. You’re here to level up the legal side of your business with practical strategies that are easy to implement. If you’re ready to start treating legal as a leg up, rather than a hang-up—I’m your lawyer.

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Grow Your Brand Through Instagram Giveaways 

Ready to build a flourishing brand on Instagram using giveaways? Grab my free guide to hosting giveaways on Instagram the legal way!

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The Legal Way to Giveaway on Instagram

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We created contract templates so that budding entrepreneurs have access to the same high quality legal protection at a literal fraction of the cost for custom work.

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