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If you’ve been treating legal as a hang-up rather than a leg up, we’ll teach you how to run your business legally—no expensive lawyers or legalese required!

That feeling you get when you confidently launch your ideas into the world, knowing you're legally covered- 

That’s how we want you to feel every day in your business.

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No matter your industry, you can make sure your brand is protected by registering trademarks in your...


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It's All in Your Name

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Your business name, that is.  If you're like me, you want to name your business something cool because you're not boring.

But naming your business isn't just a way to let your vision shine through - it's the first important step in protecting your brand.

Hi, I’m Amber Gilormo!

I believe legal protection shouldn’t be determined by how many years you’ve been in business or how much revenue you’ve earned. All entrepreneurs deserve to seamlessly operate their business knowing they’re legally covered. As a practicing attorney and serial entrepreneur myself, I understand how complicated and overwhelming the legal world can be. That’s why I created The Boutique Lawyer, a one-stop shop where business owners can find legal contract templates that are easy to understand and exciting for clients to sign.

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Freebie Alert! Grab my guide to Instagram Giveaways!

Ready to grow your brand on Instagram using giveaways and promotions? Giveaways are a powerful tool to hyper-target new communities and get increased engagement on your account.  

When giveaways are executed properly, you’ll see the intended results bloom! But you need to be careful and avoid unintended results, like getting your account banned due to not following Instagram’s rules on promotions. Grab my free guide to keeping your giveaway legal. Help me, help you!

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The Legal Way to Giveaway on Instagram

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At The Boutique Lawyer, we help you guard your life’s work by turning your business into a protected brand.

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