Helping brands plant legal roots so their business can bloom

Let’s Build Your Brand Together with our


What if you could build the brand of your dreams on a solid legal foundation - 
without wondering “Is this the right way to [insert every little move you make]?”

A collaborative legal membership that teaches you how to grow your business into a protected brand

Let me guess…

Are you ready to stop wasting so much time & energy Googling all your business questions? Because #LBH - there’s approximately 900 other things on your plate that deserve your attention.

Do you ever feel like successful businesses can afford to hire a lawyer and you’re just stuck trying to make content AND money (without losing your mind or your apartment, lol)?

Be real for a minute - have you been cobbling together contracts from the internet only to feel like you’re still not protected? 

Are you crossing your fingers that registering your business is enough to own your brand?

Are you sick of copycats popping up and crossing the line from imitation to straight up stealing?

You’re starting to wonder if ALL those other brands you see have their legal locked down, or if they’re making it up as they go along too.

You know you need to figure out all the legal stuff, but literally don’t know where to start

And because of that, you’re just sort of winging it or skipping the legal stuff altogether.

$250 is a standard hourly rate for a lawyer

$2,000 is the average starting cost of a single custom contract

$100,000+ is easily the cost of an intellectual property lawsuit

But it just takes 1 lawsuit to shut down your small business 

If you’re ready to say hello to a clear path for growing your business and goodbye to playing legal whack-a-mole? (FINALLY!) Then we just became bffs.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

You have a concrete, easy-to-follow plan to take you from budding business to brand in full bloom

The good news is there’s a lot you can do to protect your business without having to pay a lawyer for every. little. thing.

I’ll be honest, turning a business into a protected brand takes time - but think about how great you’ll feel in just a few weeks when…

You don’t have to choose between investing in legal protection for your business & taking that vacay you’ve been saving for because you have the cash for both

You never have to cross your fingers and hope your DIY contracts actually cover your ass(ets)

You have the tools to carve out brand ownership, enforce your intellectual property rights, and legally own your space

You know exactly how to shut down copycats (without having to rely on Mr. Google)

You’re scaling your business and marketing knowing you’re doing it legally and no longer have to ask, “Is this the right way?”

Are you ready?

You deserve to have a brand built on solid legal ground. And we can do it together! All you need is the willingness to learn and execute, plus a little help from me (your new legal bestie).





Close your eyes and imagine a life where you knew you were operating on solid legal footing and could finally feel confident, every damn day. Now open your eyes, because it’s about to be your reality.

This legal membership is for creative entrepreneurs looking to secure their brands from the ground up without the staggering cost of hiring an attorney for every move their business makes.

When I say “secure,” I’m not just using flowery sales copy. Secure means to protect AND own, and that’s what I want for you: to have a brand that inspires your customers’ trust and feels legitimate - because it is.

  • How to name your business & anything you sell with legal in mind
  • How to protect yourself from your business liability
  • Auditing your brand & intellectual property - what you have and what you need
  • The contracts you absolutely must have in place for your business & how to enforce them
  • Digital marketing & advertising legally
  • Brand Influencer & Affiliate marketing
  • Negotiating with clients and vendors
  • Plus the basics, like choosing a business entity type & how to get it registered
  • This list just scratches the surface of what we’ll cover

What’s Included?

Monthly workshops with real-time Q&A covering everything you need to know to start & build your brand, including

Access to our private Facebook group where you can ask me & my team (and each other) questions, get feedback, and find inspiration - anytime.

Access to our entire library of past workshops 

  • 20% off everything in our contract template store
  • 20% off all of our courses & workshops
  • 20% off trademark services
  • 20% off custom contracts
  • 20% off strategy sessions
  • 20% off all other 1-on-1 services

And because I really, really want to see you succeed, you’ll get members-only pricing on everything else from The Boutique Lawyer.


sign me up!

With $27 you could get

It’s my mission to make legal protection for your business so affordable that you can’t afford not to have it.

That’s why I’m giving the founding members of our Business to Brand
Membership an epic deal of: 

Because you deserve to build the brand of your dreams

  • 7 Starbucks lattes
  • 3 Chick-fil-a combo meals (and that’s if you don’t use Doordash!)
  • A half a tank of gas

You could get the tools, know-how, and confidence to turn the business you’ve built from scratch into a protected and respected brand so you can


Attract more customers (and make more money)
Spend less on legal issues down the road
And sleep better at night knowing you’ve got the solid legal roots your business needs to flourish

business to 




The membership will never be available at this price again–making this a one-time deal, so if you feel like it’s for you, make sure you sign up before midnight on July 29th! Once the cart closes, the offer is gone!

Take my money!


I’m a practicing attorney and 4x business owner with over a decade of legal experience and I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there before.
Six years ago while eight months pregnant with my first child, I bet on myself and left my cushy job at a big law firm to set out on my own with hopes that I could create an environment that would allow me to make money AND be present for all of my son’s ‘firsts.’

I was confident in all the lawyer-y parts, but the whole “how do I start a business and run it the legal way”--that part had a steep learning curve. Through some serious trial by fire, including spending way too much on lawyers (despite being one myself), I figured it out.

I’ve made it my mission to save other entrepreneurs from the land mines I stepped on. In this membership, I’m teaching you everything I know about how to create a rock-solid brand that not only makes money, but protects profits too.

So who am I anyway?

What if I can’t make a live call? 

All calls, workshops and membership livestreams are uploaded into your personalized member portal so you have access to everything and can watch on your own time.

Do you have a question?

What if I have questions or don’t fully understand something? 

Our members-only Facebook group is the perfect place to drop a question for the community or TBL team’s feedback.

What if I have a question before or after the call? 

Every workshop has a live Q&A component, so you can either submit your question beforehand or ask it during the live.

How long will I have access to the workshops/portal? 

As long as you are a paying member, you will have access to all workshops through the member portal and private Facebook Group.

Is this just the same stuff you share on social? 

Nope. These workshops are intensive teachings of legal subjects that could seriously be a course on their own.

What’s the cancellation policy? 

This membership is month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time.

The best time to start investing in your future is right now.  
Your business is what you do, but your brand is what you have. It’s about damn time you respect what you do + secure what you’ve built.

If not now, when?

I'm ready!