Digital goods sellers have 10x more chargeback exposure than physical goods sellers.

And if you're selling an e-course, subscription, or membership - you're even MORE likely to have to fight with the bank about money YOU earned.

PLUS, if your chargeback rate goes over 1% you risk having your account flagged or paying excessive penalties.

Are you risking your  


online business

with just one click?

are you risking your entire online business with just one click?

And they could end up costing you THOUSANDS of dollars and a massive amount of your time.

Outside of credit card fraud, the #1 reason for chargebacks is customers feeling misled. If you're not careful about how you're selling, you could face chargebacks, investigations, fines, and serious legal action (if you don't believe me, Google "Brittany Dawn Davis").

The best way to avoid chargebacks is through clear messaging that accurately describes what you're selling, sets appropriate customer expectations, and doesn't oversell your offer.

And the best way to fight chargebacks is putting the right legal policies in place and knowing how to use them.

Chargebacks cost businesses $150 billion PER YEAR


We all know that selling digital products is an opportunity to increase your income and possibly change your life. But if you want to actually keep all the money you make, you need to know how to land sales legally.

Say no more, I'm in!


This course covers everything you need to protect your sales funnel from top to bottom.

how to grow your email list without violating privacy & anti-spam laws

how to write sales copy that limits your liability

When & where you need a disclaimer

which legal policies are required by law

How to protect yourself from pricing errors & other mistakes

how to limit legal fees if someone tries to sue

how to protect yourself from chargebacks, credit card disputes & unjustified refunds

The Four legal policy templates you need & how to display them 

How to grow your email list & connect with your audience the right way, without violating privacy and anti-spam laws.

How to write FTC-compliant sales copy that converts without overpromising, plus when you need a disclaimer to avoid legal headaches.

Here's What You'll Get

Lead Magnets + List Builders

Marketing + Sales Copy

Lesson 1


How to protect yourself in case of pricing errors and mistakes across your sales funnel & how to limit legal fees if someone does try to sue you.



How to safeguard customer data to build trust and avoid unnecessary fines and lawsuits.


Lesson three


How to protect yourself from chargebacks, credit card disputes, and unjustified refund requests.



1. General Disclaimer
2. Privacy Policy
3. Website Terms of Use
4. Terms of Purchase
PLUS: I'll show you how to edit & display them



terms of purchase Template

website terms of use Template

privacy policy Template

general disclaimer Template

Landing sales legally course

For $247 you get...

That's $276 in legal policy templates alone!

Let's recap:

terms of purchase Template

website terms of use Template

privacy policy Template

general disclaimer Template

Landing sales legally course

For $147 you get...

That's $276 in legal policy templates alone!

Let's recap:

No fluff, straight to the point lessons from a lawyer so you know what to do to protect your sales funnel from top to bottom

This toolkit comes with a TON of support to make sure you reach the finish line...


Video lessons


copy & paste, find & replace legal policy templates that you'll customize for your offer while knowing you are still legally protected

ask questions as they come up on our learning portal or in our community of likeminded and motivated entrepreneurs


visual learner? Your action plan synthesizes all the steps I recommend so you can cross them off and know you're good to go

Action plan

Accessible sales funnel design can help you cast a wider net by making it accessible to more people.  It can also mean better search engine optimization (SEO), improved usability, and more sales.  

Accessible sales funnel design checklist


I'm AMber, your new LegAl BFF.

As a lawyer and an e-commerce business owner, legally legit sales funnels are kinda my thing.  I've taken everything I've learned building my own funnels & now I'm teaching it to you!

more about me

Hey there!

Are all the contracts you mention included with the course?

Yes! The four legal policy templates I mention in the course are included with your purchase: General Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms of Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the contracts enforceable if I live in a different state or country?

All of our contract templates are written to be in compliance with laws in all 50 states.  The Privacy Policy template will cover you if you are selling in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

Who is landing sales legally for?

This course is for coaches, consultants, and anyone selling digital goods & services online, including courses, memberships, templates, masterminds, educational materials, and other digital products.

What if I need help editing, customizing, or displaying my contract templates?

You can book a VIP day with my team and we'll help you customize all the contracts you purchased and get them set up in your sales funnel for $1,497.

What is your refund policy?

Since all of our products are digital, we aren’t able to offer refunds as you'll be able to access the course and templates as soon as you purchase. If you have questions or for some reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, though, reach out to our customer support team and we'll do our best to make it right!

Can I use these contract templates for my clients or customers?

These templates are for use by you only - meaning you can use them for your own business's sales funnel.  If you think they would be helpful for your clients, we encourage you to sign up as an affiliate!

Can I use landing sales legally if I'm not selling on my own site?

This course is for anyone selling online (or who plans to), whether it's on your own website, a landing page or sales page, or on a Marketplace-as-a-Service provider like Shopify or Etsy.

How long will i have access to the course materials?

Your purchase includes lifetime access to course materials, including any updated versions of our contract templates in the future.

If you're ready, we're ready for you!

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