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Naming your business with a trademark in mind makes owning your brand a breeze! 

How strong is your business name?

You named your business after the products or services you provide, like Beauty Shop or Pizza Parlor


Your business name describes qualities, ingredients, or characteristics of what you do, like TASTYKAKE


Your business name implies what products or services you offer, like Jet Ski or Microsoft


You named your business after something that has a common meaning but no connection to what you do, like Apple


You totally made up your business name or named it after something completely unrelated, like Google


When it comes to trademarks, all business names aren’t made equal. Your ability to trademark your business name is directly related to its distinctiveness: the more unique or distinctive the name, the more likely it is that you'll be able to own it.

Business names fall on a spectrum that ranges in strength from generic to descriptive to suggestive to arbitrary/fanciful.  The bottom line is, if you want to own your brand from day 1, you have to be strategic when you name your business.  

Don't waste your time and money building a brand you'll never be able to protect

I've teamed up with copywriter extraordinaire Katie Pannell to bring you this comprehensive business naming course.

This masterclass breaks down what you need to know to make sure your brand name is solid AND gives you awesome tools and resources for brainstorming a name that isn't...boring :)

Just because you're not a professional copywriter doesn't mean you can't come up with an awesome name

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